Marketing Training Video: The Chain Of Logic

December 6, 2019
Published by Dan Russell

If you’re encountering high sales abandonment rates, Team Vivid’s “Chain Of Logic” Marketing Training could lend a hand. This particular training is based on a neuromarketing principle known as the “Curse Of Knowledge.”

The Curse Of Knowledge states that we often make the mistake of assuming others know as much about a given topic as we do, making it difficult to teach a subject we’re intimately familiar with. As a result, you might find that prospects become distant, or disconnect entirely, once you make a big transition in your pitch.

As a marketer, you already know education is part of the sales process. We are inherently teaching others about the thing we’re selling. But what happens when that process of teaching experiences the curse of knowledge? We leave out important elements of the educational experience which could serve as a crucial conversion point in a prospect’s mind.

To overcome the Curse Of Knowledge, we turn to the Chain Of Logic, a series of micro-conversations similar to the posits of an argument. This marketing strategy is built around the Generation Effect: a mental phenomenon wherein your prospect will better remember information that is generated from their own mind. Using the Chain Of Logic, we can use neuromarketing principles to better explain ourselves in the sales process, knowing the prospect fully embraces critical concepts about our product or service.

This Vivid Labs Marketing Training will walk you through the steps of implementing the Chain Of Logic into your own marketing. To access the free resources for this video, click here.

The best way to start using this Vivid Labs Marketing Training is to break down your sales conversion process into several steps. By investigating the mental “jumps” that your prospects need to make in order to follow your own sales logic, you can more easily spot ways to bridge gaps that are too large for them to jump. You can use our simple worksheet to get that process started.

A related Vivid Labs Marketing Training that can help your sales conversion rate is Overwhelm Control, which is based on the Weber-Fechner Law, a powerful mental principle that drives people through their buying journey.

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Published by Dan Russell

Dan is the founder and CEO of Vivid Labs.