Sales Conversions Quick Tactic: Using Overwhelm Control

December 6, 2019

Note: This is a quick-and-dirty version of our longer post, Boost Your Marketing Funnel Conversion Rate, which contains a full marketing training video to help you increase your own sales conversions.

In one of his well-known experiments, Ernst Heinrich Weber blindfolded a man and began placing weights in his hands. Weber noticed that as he did so, the blindfolded man only noticed an increase in weight that was proportionally large to how much he was already holding. An increase of one gram would not be noticeable while holding twenty kilograms. You can see the applications of this principle to increasing your own sales conversions.

The Weber Fechner Law can help boost your sales conversion rates
Weber slowly increased the weight a man was holding, noting that the man didn’t notice small, incremental increases in weight over time (especially when compared to a large immediate increase in weight). The same impact can exist for your sales process and dramatically booost your sales conversions.

While there are many facets to the Weber Fechner Law, the one that offers business opportunity is this: we tend to not notice small, implicit, incremental changes in our workload. As a result, your prospects are more likely to watch a longer video, play a game a bit longer, or exert more effort to achieve the same result which required less effort in the past – ultimately boosting your sales conversions.

There’s a double benefit to this strategy, as well. As someone spends more time and effort interacting with your brand, the Mere Exposure Effect causes your prospect’s attitudes to naturally improve toward the brand responsible for the results being achieved, further increasing sales conversions. The more familiar someone gets to seeing and interacting with you (or your brand), the more trust they have.

If you have a training program, onboarding process, or repetitive process that your prospects take part in through your funnel, the Weber-Fechner Law and Mere Exposure effect are on your side. By using Overwhelm Control in your marketing operations, you can gradually increase the amount of time or effort your prospects spend with your brand. If you put in the time to figure out what those small, incremental steps are for your prospects, you’ll be well on your way to improving your sales conversions.

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