March 30, 2020

How to Launch a Membership Site

March 30, 2020

One of the first steps in creating a successful membership site is figuring out where to begin.

You may be asking yourself, “what is the first step into launching a membership site, what should I look for in a hosting site, how should I price everything out, who is my audience and is there a site specifically designed for my idea?”

Well, we here at Vivid Labs are here to walk you through the first steps into launching your membership site. We will walk you through some of the best sites that we have used for our clients and provide the three most important aspects of launching your membership site.

Are you ready to begin walking down the path of success? Great, then let’s get started!

Let’s start by answering the most important question, what exactly is a membership site? The answer is simple: a membership site is an exclusive part of your business where members can view the content that you have placed behind locked doors by paying either a one-time fee or on a month to month basis.

A membership site is an exclusive part of your business where members can view the content that you have placed behind locked doors.

A membership site can help you share share previous strategies with like-minded individuals, deliver an online class, or launch a new program that helps businesses succeed in areas that they need help in. This site will get content into the hands of those who need it most. It’s the reason we created our Vivid Operating System: to help businesses like yours navigate the murky waters of the marketing world.

Now I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “You’ve made a big deal as to why a site like this is important, I’m sure it has its downfalls.” That may be true, but if you know what others have experienced, then you can have the perfect blueprint in learning from their mistakes and pitfalls.

The only way you can fail at running a membership site is if you don't follow the basic rules of creating it.

The only way you can fail at running a membership site is if you don’t follow the basic rules of creating it.

Imagine you sign up for a writing masterclass, and you pay an annual fee or pay on a monthly basis to access it. What is one thing you expect out of it? New content weekly or monthly? This is one of the biggest things people have a hard time deciding on when launching a membership site. They don’t post new content regularly.

If you’re not posting regularly, then you probably shouldn’t be hosting a membership site.

We’ve seen this firsthand with a previous client. It wasn’t that they didn’t have content, it was the fact that they didn’t continue to provide new content for their members, ultimately causing their members to cancel their memberships to the site.  This is the most important rule when launching a membership site – make sure you provide content and keep providing it. Make their membership worth every penny they spend with you.

Don't fall into the membership site trap of thinking people will pay monthly for a product that isn't regularly added to

So, what are our recommendations for creating a successful membership site?

We have three important aspects to take to mind when launching your first or hundredth membership site.

1) Find the right price for your product:

This is the most important aspect of launching your site. Ask yourself how valuable/relevant your site is. What are you offering, and can it be implemented easily for members? You don’t want to charge too much and offer too little content.

2) Stacking potential:

Now you’ve got a client base and your content is getting better and you want to add more, but how do you introduce it? Is it separate from your original content, does it offer more of an insight, or are you just producing more content than you originally expected? This is where the stacking potential comes into play. This will be huge when it comes to upselling. When you have a client that is subscribed to your product and paying monthly, they have already said yes to you and your product and they will likely buy more from you if you were to stack products. Think about it this way – if you stack an extra 20% for exclusive content on top of the existing membership price, your revenue will grow by the same amount. There is no other business model that offers this kind of boost, and once you have that anchor price, stacking on other products will be a no-brainer for your members.

3) Continuous Stream of Content:

This is something that cannot be stressed enough. Content, content, content. You have to have content in order to have a membership site. Whether it be a blog, webinars, archives of previous materials that you can use for teaching purpose… whatever it is, you need it. There are always questions coming in that need to be answered and they look to you for those answers. The more information/teaching tools you can think of, the better.

Tools we love to use at Vivid Labs:

·  Kajabi.com – This site can be considered an all in one platform. All aspects of running a membership site are encapsulated in this platform and it’s really easy to use!

·  Thinkific.com – is specifically tailored to teachers and is perfect for you if you want to teach a course. On this site, you can create surveys and polls as well as video learning.  This site will make your life much easier while tracking people’s learning curves and it keeps your reports together.

·  WordPress.com – This is an old school version of a membership site. But, if you sync Buddyboss.com with Learndash.com, you can log into the back end of your site and customize every aspect of your membership section. Though a little more time consuming, this will allow you to customize a lot more than you would be able to with other platforms. However, this is not recommended for a huge app build.

So now that we know the basics of starting a membership site, you can go ahead and start planning your next move.

If you have any questions or just want more exclusive tips on how to build a successful membership site, we’d love to chat!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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