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Founder & CEO of Vivid Labs
Denver, CO

Funnels often sound like an easy path to gobs of cash flowing into our bank accounts.

But it’s never that simple, is it?

Building a funnel is one thing.

Squeezing profit out of that funnel is a whole different ballgame.

As the saying goes, “what got you here won’t get you there.”

Running a profitable funnel requires different skills than the ones needed to just build your funnel in the first place.

If you’ve launched your funnel already, you’re probably exhausted from learning new skills and tools, and you just need a way to start turning all of this investment into income.

Maybe you haven’t launched a funnel yet, and you need to know the basics of managing it once it’s out there.

For many of you, your business has been forced online from the pandemic and you need to start paying really close attention to the numbers.

Whichever of these situations you find yourself in, you are facing the same problem:

You can’t squeeze enough profit out of your funnel to make it grow.

In these cases, expert marketers turn to split tests.

Split tests are the #1 key to transforming a funnel that’s losing money into a money-printing machine.

By making small, incremental improvements to each step of your funnel, split tests add up to create a big jump in sales.

Take The Following Example:

Imagine that you have a funnel that’s converting at 20% at each step. That would look like this:

With 1,000 visitors to your page, you’d make 8 sales of your tripwire product and 1 sale of your upsell.

Now let’s see what happens if we use split tests to boost the conversion rate of each step by an incremental 5%:

You’ve now made almost DOUBLE the sales of your tripwire product and you’ve TRIPLED your upsell sales!

So you do the math:

What would doubling and tripling your sales do for your business? 

What would it do for your lifestyle? Your family? Your immediate future?

The Profitable Funnel Challenge is built to show you exactly how to do it.

Most businesses don’t use split testing because it’s complicated – but we’ve spent years simplifying and streamlining our processes – and finding the proven split tests that can really move the needle in YOUR marketing funnel.

Our split tests are responsible for over $40 million in revenue across 50 clients over the last 7 years as we have built, tested, and improved all kinds of funnels within Vivid Labs.

We’re now making those systems available to challenge participants – A.K.A. marketers just like you.

If You Now Understand The Value Of Running Split Tests In Your Funnel, Now Is The Perfect Time For You To Start The Profitable Funnel Challenge And Begin Making More Money. Read Below To Find Out How It All Works:

How Does The Challenge Work?

The challenge is designed to save you as much time as possible and give you the top split tests that are designed to get you the BIGGEST improvements in the LEAST time:

Every day during the challenge, you’ll receive a Split Test Sprint to complete within 24 hours. Each sprint takes less than 30 minutes to implement.

Your Split Test Sprint will contain one single high-leverage improvement you need to make to your funnel. 

Every day holds a different sprint, and each sprint holds a different improvement to your funnel.

Those changes add up over the course of 30 days to a radically improved funnel.

It Only Costs $19 To Join

That registration fee gets you everything: your 30 daily trainings and workbook, access to the Split Squad Community, and all of your bonuses. You can read more about those below.

All of it costs just $19. 

That’s just 63 cents per day.

Compared to the cost of hiring an expensive consultant or a full-blown agency to help with your funnel, the investment in the Profitable Funnel challenge is tiny.

This is your single best chance to boost your funnel profits without breaking the bank.

Think about how much you could make with just a handful of additional sales from your funnel every month. Wouldn’t that be worth the $19 investment?

I don’t know about you, but none of our monthly business expenses (cell phones, software, etc.) don’t even come close to that kind of ROI. And we pay those every month!

With this challenge, you’ll have an increased level of sales every single month without any kind of ongoing cost

You Can Start With The Funnel You Already Have

This challenge is built to do exactly what you’ve been wanting to do with your funnel – but haven’t had the time or knowledge for.

You don’t need to do any work prior to the challenge.

The whole point of the Profitable Funnel Challenge is to create a space where you can finally make those overdue improvements to your funnel with the support and guidance of a team that has done it many times before.

So – don’t worry if you’ve been wanting to add this or that to your funnel.

The 30 days of this challenge will cover all those changes and more. 

Don't Have A Working Funnel Yet? No Problem.

It’s alright if you don’t have a working funnel yet. If you’re just getting started, we’ve provided resources to kickstart your funnel journey.

Inside the challenge, we’ve included our entire library of pre-optimized funnel templates that you can click and import into a ClickFunnels account.

You can choose the one that fits your business and offer so you can get started immediately. 

There really is nothing holding you back from having a high-performing and profitable funnel this time next month.

It Only Takes 30 Minutes Per Weekday

Once you know what to do, making improvements to your funnel is quick and easy.

But knowing what to change in your funnel is the key.

Otherwise, making those changes and running split tests becomes complicated.

In our experience, if split testing isn’t easy, then it’s the easiest thing to avoid.

That’s why we designed this challenge to take you as little time as possible.

If you can commit 30 minutes each day from Monday to Friday, you can complete this challenge.

Your daily Split Test Sprints are designed to train you for 15 minutes on one change to make on your funnel, and implementing each of those changes takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

You're Getting The Exact Funnel Improvements That Were Behind Results Like These:

6,797% Increase In Webinar Sales

814.54% Growth In Online Sales

1,299% ROI In Their First Product Launch

31.25% Increase In Lead Generation

26.4% Increase In Checkout Rate

998.1% Increase In Webinar Leads

Here's Everything You Get With A Modest $19 Investment:

  • 30 Daily Split Test Sprints $997 Value
  • Daily Accountability From Team Vivid $997 Value
  • Challenge Workbook $29 Value
  • BONUS: Private ClickFunnels Pre-Optimized Template Kit $497 Value
  • BONUS: 3 Month Upgrade To Split Squad Membership $141 Value

That's a total value of $2,661

You only pay $19

If you are like other challenge members and you can truly see the massive value in this program, it's time to reserve your spot.

As soon as you register, you’ll receive an invitation to the Split Squad private Facebook group along with instructions on getting access to your challenge materials and bonuses once the challenge begins. 

And if that's not enough, in addition to accessing the challenge, you're also getting these exclusive bonuses:

As Soon As You Register For The Challenge, You Get Access To 4 Months Of Split Squad Membership

Your digital hub for all funnel improvement questions and ideas

Get Simple & Proven Answers To All Your Funnel Questions

A live challenge isn’t complete without accountability and support. And we have the perfect place for that.

Split Squad is an online community where you’ll be able to ask questions, access exclusive tools and resources, and connect with other conversion-focused marketers who are also using science to improve their marketing.

As a challenge member, you receive 3 bonus months of unlimited access to this community (in addition to your first 30 days of the challenge). 

That means even after the challenge is over, you still have 3 months of access. You can use that to get feedback on new tests you launch or ask any other questions from the community.

And since your membership starts instantly upon registering for the challenge, the days between now and the challenge starting are another bonus for you.

You Also Get Team Vivid's Pre-Optimized ClickFunnels Template Kit To Use Forever

(Plus Unlimited FREE Future Additions)

Want To Use The Same Funnels We've Used To Build 7- and 8-Figure Businesses?

Vivid Labs has an extensive (and growing) library of top-converting funnel templates that we have already optimized and used in at least one highly-profitable campaign for our own clients.

We are making these templates, including future ones we build and optimize, available to you for use in your challenge and in any other campaigns you run. 

You’ll be able to import them directly into your ClickFunnels account – instantly and in seconds.

Just fill in your own copywriting and imagery. Feel free to use them as much as you’d like. 

Webinar Funnel Template

Template Built & Tested By Vivid Labs
Want To See It?   Click To Preview

Video Series Funnel Template

Template Built & Tested By Vivid Labs
Want To See It?   Click To Preview

Instant Download Funnel Template

Template Built & Tested By Vivid Labs
Want To See It?   Click To Preview

Virtual Summit Funnel Template

Template Built & Tested By Vivid Labs
Want To See It?   Click To Preview

…Plus tons of other high-converting templates!

And, Of Course, You Get Access To The Full 30 Days Of The Profitable Funnel Challenge!

A Split Testing System SO GOOD You Can Start Seeing Results In Your First Week

Running split tests has to be easy.

Otherwise, we lose patience and decide not to do them at all. 

And that leaves money on the table.

This challenge is designed to be easy, fast, and profitable. 

It all starts with you taking the challenge to implement those fast, easy changes to your funnel for 30 days.

If you can do that, then you’ll have a high-performing funnel this time next month.

In fact, in most cases, just the first week of Split Test Sprints we send you will improve your funnel’s performance!

You Can Use This Challenge With Any Kind Of Funnel

We’ve developed our Split Test Sprints on funnels across all kinds of industries, including both products and services.

No matter what your funnel is selling, we have the funnel conversion training that will position it for 7-figures (and beyond).

Here's A Secret You Might Not Know:

Almost Every Funnel FAILS When It First Launches

This might sound crazy – so let me explain:

Every multi-million-dollar funnel you’ve ever seen began as a tiny, unprofitable collection of web pages. In the initial stages of their launch, the marketers who built those funnels were getting their first real data on how well the funnel performs.

In 99% of cases, there’s at least one major “fix” needed to get the funnel working at a profit.

(In most cases, there are several fixes.)

While those fixes are being made, the funnel is losing money.

>>> “Why?”

Because ads are being bought.

>>> “Why are ads still being bought if the funnel is losing money?”

Because the marketer needs traffic and conversion data in order to determine if the fixes are actually working!

This is called market research.

If your brain glazed over while reading that, you’ve probably never conducted any market research. I’m going to help you with that shortly.

It’s easy to imagine today’s “behemoth-funnels” just magically appearing out of nowhere, ejecting $100 bills in every possible direction, but I promise you: they all started small and they all lost money for some period of time.

So if you are currently dealing with a small, unprofitable funnel, keep in mind that you still may be holding the world’s next 7-figure business. What I’m about to share with you is going to help you get there.

There’s a reason some funnels generate profit faster than others. The marketers who design them plan ahead how they’re going to manage the funnel after it launches.

Expert funnel marketers know that any funnel needs to be managed through the process of split testing (also known as A/B testing).

They plan their split tests very carefully, and with every successful split test, they can spend more on ads. As ad spend increases, so do sales.

And that’s how a million-dollar funnel is born.

Million-Dollar Funnels Are Built On Split Tests

A marketer using split tests is kind of like a comedian going on a roadshow to try out new jokes.

The comedian gets on stage to figure out which jokes work and which ones don’t. When a joke works, they keep it in their set. When a joke doesn’t work, they stop telling it.

Expert funnel marketers are doing the same thing with split tests.

By testing headlines, page layouts, user experiences, and other elements, they’re constantly finding more profitable versions of their funnel. They keep the versions of pages that work better, and they delete the versions that fail to perform.

And here’s the best part…

As they run more tests on more steps in their funnel, the compounding effect takes over and adds up to major sales gains even with the smallest improvements.

For example…

Let’s say you had a 3-step sales funnel (Lead Magnet, Sales Page, and Order Form). If you increased the conversion rate of each page by just 10%, your total sales increase by 33%.

The more split tests you have running, the more amplified your gains will be with every successful test.

This is the same compound effect that you hear about in the context of savings accounts. Think of your split tests as a kind of marketing savings account that builds over time as more and more split tests are run.

I don’t know about you, but I want to spend all of my time moving up that green curve.

It’s hard to do, though.

When we encounter bad performance from a new funnel, there’s a strong temptation to just throw it away and start over.

It seems like a simple decision at the time:

“Hey, we launched it and nobody bought. The offer must be a dud! Back to the drawing board.”

I’ve done it, and you may have done it, too.

But trust me when I tell you: abandoning a recently-launched funnel is a cardinal sin of expert funnel marketing.

As long as you’re selling a good product or service, even the worst-converting funnel can be brought to profitability through split testing.

I hope you now agree that split testing is the key to transforming your funnel into a huge cash cow…

But there’s one more obstacle that is standing in your way:

Learning how to build a split testing system is costly & time-consuming, and hiring an expert isn't guaranteed

I won’t kid around with you. 

Building a smart split testing system from scratch isn’t exactly a walk in the park. You need to know things like:

Even things like Behavioral Economics and Consumer Psychology get thrown into the mix once you’ve done it long enough.

But hiring someone for this role can be a huge challenge. Most marketers out there haven’t been trained – and don’t have the experience – to run an effective split testing system for your company.

And at the same time, you don’t have time to learn all of this. There just aren’t enough hours in the day – and even if there were, this probably isn’t your area of passion, anyway.

You could hire a team, but in my first-hand experience, it’s usually cost-prohibitive to do that, especially with a new funnel. That’s the entire reason the Profitable Funnel Challenge exists – to make successful split testing accessible to every business, no matter the time or budget limitations.

We've Spent 7 Years Developing A Library Of Proven

Split Test Sprints

That Take You Less Than 30 Minutes To Complete

Split Test Sprints are short, self-contained guides that make it easy to run a split test inside your funnel, and each one takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Our Split Test Sprints are based on hundreds of split tests we’ve run over the last seven years at Vivid Labs.

Those split tests have unlocked over $40 million in additional revenue for our clients. You’ll see some of their results on this page.

Over the course of the 30 Day Challenge, we’ll give you the exact Split Test Sprint Trainings that have consistently improved the funnels we have launched over the last 7 years.

These Split Test Sprints have even helped us grow our own funnels at Vivid Labs, including through this page.

You might be asking, “Well, how do your funnels actually perform?”

The same funnel improvements inside this challenge have earned us a coveted 2 Comma Club Award at the most recent Funnel Hacking Live event:

Over the next 30 days, I’d like to teach you how to use these Split Test Sprints and begin building the same split testing systems we’ve used to help businesses just like yours reach the million-dollar-funnel mark.

Thank you for reading this letter – and I look forward to seeing you inside!


Dan Russell

Join The Profitable Funnel Challenge Today

Here’s what’s included with your challenge registration fee: 

What Happens After I Sign Up?

After registering, you’ll be brought to a thank-you page with instructions on joining the Split Squad private Facebook group and accessing your private training portal. That’s where you’ll get your training content and bonuses. You’ll also receive an email with the same instructions.

No Matter How You Like To Chat,
We Have Your Back.

Upon joining the challenge, you’ll receive instructions to join our private Facebook group. This is a place to keep up to date on the challenge itself, ask questions when you have them, and support other challenge participants. 

As a challenge member, you’ll receive access to our Challenge Calls every week during the  challenge. Our team will be there to answer your questions – no matter what it’s regarding. We’ll have strategists, designers, copywriters, and technicians available to help you.

You can call us!

Challenge members receive a private phone line that goes right to our strategy team. Use us as a resource to answer questions as they come up throughout the challenge.

Your Split Testing Success Is Guaranteed By Vivid Labs

We believe so strongly that this 30-Day Challenge will improve your funnel performance that we are standing behind our promise with a No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Guarantee.

If you follow the instructions in the program and submit your Split Test Sprint Assignments for each day, and you still haven’t seen an improvement in your marketing funnel, email with your receipt and we will initiate an immediate refund of your challenge investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have conducted the most extensive split tests possible on funnels varying across dozens of industries over the past seven years. Nobody in the funnel marketing world has the level of data and testing experience we do at running split test programs.

In addition, we have developed a system that is easily learnable. You can implement our Split Test Sprints into your company, whether by yourself or with a team, in a short amount of time and know you are following best practices. We’ve honed our processes over the years and haven’t taught it until now because we have wanted to boil split testing down to its most effective and essential components. That’s what we’ll be teaching you in this challenge.

We recommend that you have an active subscription to ClickFunnels as you go through this challenge.

Alternatively, you can pair your existing funnel pages with a standalone split testing tool like Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely. 

Your first day’s training will explain how to use these tools throughout the challenge.

As long as you have a funnel to test, YES! That’s the beauty of the Split Test Sprints. We will be teaching you a process that can be universally applied to any sales or marketing funnel.

We consider add-on seats on a case-by-case basis, but generally speaking, YES. We encourage participation across all team members and would welcome another member of your team. We require that they have an email domain under your business’s name to ensure they are working with you directly. We don’t provide complimentary spots to agencies or third-party vendors who are working for you.

Split Test Sprints are built around the scientific method – the foundation of experimentation and research. We have customized those steps to fit in a marketing context and simplified them down into a few easy steps which are outlined inside your Split Test Sprint Assignments.

When you embark on a Split Test Sprint each week in the challenge, you have the full power of the scientific method at your back.

We highly encourage you to start this challenge if you are new to marketing. The earlier you integrate a well-formed split testing regimen into your marketing, the better off your future campaigns will be!

A Split Test, also known as an “A/B Test,” is a way to improve the performance of your marketing funnel through the use of marketing experiments.

There are all kinds of elements that go into building a marketing funnel: imagery, copywriting, technical setup, forms, tracking systems, and so on. Some of these elements have a huge effect on whether or not a visitor to your marketing funnel will do what you want them to do, such as fill out a lead generation form or complete a checkout process.

A Split Test allows you to have two or more versions of a funnel page being displayed to different groups of people who are visiting your funnel. For example, 50% of visitors will see Version A and 50% of visitors will see Version B. After enough visitors come to your funnel, you can observe which version (A or B) generated more conversions, whether that’s new leads for your business, calls booked, or purchases completed.

This 90-Day Challenge will help you build those Split Tests, monitor their progress, and ultimately create new versions of your funnel pages that perform better than what you have built right now.

We believe so strongly that this 90-Day Challenge will improve your funnel performance that we are standing behind our promise with a no-questions-asked 90-Day guarantee.

If you follow the instructions in the program and submit your completed Split Test Sprint Assignments for each day, and you still haven’t seen an improvement in your marketing funnel, email and we will initiate an immediate refund of your challenge investment.

There are several pieces to running a split test that has a high likelihood of success. 

First, you must choose the right target Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that you’d like to improve. Most times, you know what this is – commonly the target KPI is cost per lead, lead conversion rate, or sales conversion rate.

Second, you must choose the right variables to test in your experiment. This is often where split tests go wrong. There is a lot of experience required to choose the right variable, such as the headline or number of form fields to use. 

Inside this 90-Day Split Test Challenge, we show you what variables to test and explain why you should test them. This removes the guesswork and trains you on how to conduct more successful split tests in the future.


Vivid Labs is the only conversion optimization agency that combines the scientific method with cutting-edge brain research to build you a sales funnel that improves performance with every passing day. 

We design, launch, and manage highly-converting marketing campaigns, including funnels, for clients and for ourselves. We walk our talk; science is the basis of our marketing philosophy and we take ownership of the scientific perspective (hey, in the world of marketing, someone has to)!

Our team is based across North America and specializes in traditional marketing roles such as copywriting and design, as well as other more specialized roles such as data science and neuro-marketing research.

We love what we do! We hope we have a chance to work with you on our 30-Day Challenge and help you adopt a scientific marketing perspective as well.

Want to chat with us directly about the Profitable Funnel Challenge? Click to chat with us live on Facebook Messenger:

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