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Marketing Mechanic

Are you as nerdy as us when it comes to marketing technology? If so, we want to meet you!

Due to our recent growth, Team Vivid is looking for another member of our team who can spin up automations, sviwel around pivot tables, and charm clients like a five-star concierge.

This position is all about two things: intelligence and attention to detail. You’ll be operating highly-scaled marketing campaigns that affect thousands of people, so you need to understand how the platforms work and you’ll need to execute those campaigns with the highest level of quality adherence.

We’ve got you covered with all of the systems – there will be a comfortable and thorough training process once you’re onboarded into the team. We simply require that you know how the tools work before we show you how we’ve used those tools for our clients.

Oh, and another perk! You get to see first-hand how Vivid Labs implements and tests our proprietary neuromarketing strategies for our clients. The insights we draw from our funnel management team will directly affect how you launch new campaigns and automations.

This is a fully location-independent position with a required 4 hours of overlapping time per day with Eastern US working hours (9am-5pm).

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Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

At least 4 years of experience in digital marketing

Proficiency with Infusionsoft, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Pardot, and other leading marketing automation platforms

Extreme attention to detail

Expert and efficient communication with Team Vivid

Fast (less than 24 hour) turnaround time for high-priority client deliverables

A happy, positive attitude toward helping our clients reach more people and launch new, creative campaigns!

"Working with Vivid Labs over the past few years has led to several product launches, new brand development, and marketing support that rivals having a dedicated CMO on speed-dial."

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Speaker & Best-Selling Author

"Vivid Labs has always provided high-quality and professional marketing support for our websites, brands, and ongoing promotions."

Rory Callaghan

Founder, FillYourCup & BfreeBwell

"From advice to execution to truly understanding internet marketing, Vivid Labs really knows what they are doing. I have worked with some of the best and they truly soar above the rest. You won't be disappointed."

Jamin Van Dillen

Founder, Audio Alchemy Keys

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