How It Works

Vivid Operating System

Just like your computer’s operating system keeps your computer running fast and smoothly, a marketing operating system is responsible for tracking and managing your company’s marketing, including profitability. There are four categories of sub-systems that make up Vivid Operating System:



At Vivid Labs, we believe in a scientific approach to marketing. That’s why we always start by ensuring our workshop members and Direct Advisor clients have a clear understanding of their own data.

To do that, we use a tool called the Funnel Grid. This is a fast and easy method to analyze your marketing funnel in a way that makes practical sense. Armed with your new data and calculations, you can continue to the next step of Vivid Operating System.



As Peter Drucker said, what gets measured gets managed. If you have a system for recording and reporting good, clean data, you are 90% of your way to a profitable marketing operation.

The first tool we introduce to help you do that is the Marketing Asset Database. This is a place where you record and store your primary marketing assets, particularly those that affect the bottom line, such as sales funnel and checkout pages. The MAD is also where you keep track of your split tests in the following step of Vivid Operating System.

The second tool we introduce in this stage is the ROI Cycle. This is a monthly reporting system built around revenue-based marketing KPI’s. Once in place, you can rest assured that your reports are accurate and tied to revenue.



Once you have your marketing analyzed and organized, it’s time to start making improvements. Based on your ROI Cycle reports and the insights drawn from your Funnel Grid, you can now pinpoint bottlenecks in your marketing funnel.

Knowing where the bottlenecks are located is only half the battle, though. You need to know what to do with them and what improvements to make. That’s where the NeuroTactic Library comes in.

Over the years, we’ve researched and tested dozens of ethical neuromarketing tactics, and the most powerful ones have made their way into our library. This is your secret weapon in optimizing the conversion rates of your funnels, videos, emails, and more.

Once you explore the library and find a NeuroTactic that can fix your bottleneck (we teach you how to do this in the Marketing Scientist Workshop), you’ll assemble a Testing Round Briefing, launch the split test, and record progress in your Marketing Asset Database.



After the first three steps of Vivid Operating System are in place, your company will be in good enough shape to start bringing in more marketers.

Depending on the best timing for your business, that could be immediate or it could be months away. In either case, it’s important to know what to do when the time comes to grow the team.

Your marketing operations are now organized, well-documented, and optimization procedures are being followed (which means your marketing is either profitable or well on its way to being profitable). The biggest challenge now is finding someone to take over all of it for you.

Finding a talented Marketing Director is a tough challenge these days. That’s why we designed the Marketing Scientist Skills Exam.

This 60-minute online exam can be used to qualify a candidate for your marketing positions. It’s designed to give you transparent feedback on whether someone has the intellectual “chops” to do the job right. 

There Are 2 Ways To Use Vivid Operating System In Your Business:


Join The Next LIVE Marketing Scientist Workshop

A marketing training experience like no other. 

Join Dan Russell for a live, interactive workshop to experience Vivid Operating System for yourself. The Marketing Scientist Workshop is built to give you the exact same knowledge and systems that have helped Vivid Labs unlock over $50,000,000 in annual revenue for our clients over the years.


Apply For The Direct Advisor Program

1-on-1 support to get VOS into your team and business—fast.

Our Direct Advisor Program is built to supercharge your implementation of Vivid Operating System. You’ll be brought through a private workshop to get your team up to speed, and then over the course of six months, your team will work directly with Dan to implement the components of VOS into your business. You get regular reports on progress every step of the way.