"We designed this exam so you don't need to worry about 'knowing everything' when you try to hire or evaluate a marketing expert."

Dan Russell
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Marketing Scientist Skills Exam

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When’s the last time you tried to find a really great marketing expert? Odds are you felt some resistance in working with the person—maybe they didn’t really know as much as they said they did. Maybe they hyper-specialize in a particular tool but don’t understand overall marketing strategy.

Finding talented marketers has always been challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look out for. This 60-minute exam shows you how your job candidates and existing team members score across six categories of marketing. We provide you with a report of findings and other recommendations based on their scores. That way, you know you’re working with the right people.


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$39.97 Details

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How This Exam Started

We originally created the Marketing Scientist Skills exam to help founders and executives find more qualified candidates for marketing positions—and to avoid the painful, costly mistakes of hiring the wrong person. We’ve since found that this exam also provides students with an excellent evaluation for real-world skills. Since we are all about boosting the transparency and quality of service in the marketing world, we are proud to provide student discounts and scholarships for the exam, which you can read about below.

Sample Question

You are in charge of sales funnel performance for a toy company based in Orlando, Florida. They generate sales from paid ads on Google and have a historic landing page conversion rate of 18%. There is an instant upsell for a toy truck that displays immediately after a lead is generated from the landing page. The truck is offered at a price of $12. What conversion rate does the upsell page need to achieve in order to generate $750 in sales if the Google Ad campaign is currently generating $0.90 CPC with a budget of $800?

Get Unbiased Feedback

It’s hard to know when a marketer is worth his or her weight in gold. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to measure and rank the marketing skills of a job candidate, or one of your current team members? The Marketing Scientist Skills Exam guides your recipient through a series of questions spanning six categories of core marketing knowledge. You get a comprehensive report back on how they scored in each of those six areas.

Marketing Fundamentals
Paid Advertising
Social Media
Email Marketing
SEO & Organic Traffic
Marketing Strategy

Personalized Redline Reporting & Recommendation

Once the exam is completed, Vivid Labs will assemble a report with a thorough analysis of each question and scores in each of the categories above. We’ll provide important interpretations of responses. If the test recipient is a job candidate, we will make an official hire/no-hire recommendation. You can use this information to guide your recruitment decisions and plan for future internal training programs.

Taking The Exam For Yourself?

We applaud marketers who use this exam to find their areas of strength and improvement. If you are taking this exam for yourself, we’ll provide your report of findings along with a suggested training program to help you brush up on challenging areas.

60 Minutes To Complete

Once the exam has started, all questions must be answered within sixty minutes. The testing software will keep things moving along, and you will have your report analyzed and returned within 48 hours of the exam’s completion.


Student Discount & Scholarship Opportunities

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have used this exam for hiring and evaluating all levels of marketing experts. We believe in its value so much that we stand behind it with our guarantee:

If you purchase this exam and find that it has not added value to your hiring decisions, internal training plans, or your own marketing skills, we will refund 100% of your purchase price. 

Just email us at team@teamvivid.com and we’ll initiate the refund—the money will be put back on your card.