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Back in the 60’s and 70’s you had to wait weeks to find out if a marketing campaign was working (for that matter, you had to wait for the phone line to be available to make a call). It would take a really long time to see if a campaign was a success or failure, which meant the ad men had to be patient. They had to delay judgment until the process was complete.

Even though we get our data faster these days, the importance of patience in marketing hasn’t changed. You still have to spend the time to learn and iterate.

A lot of “funnel people” will make it seem like launching a product or running ads is fast and easy. Like if you aren’t making money overnight, you did something wrong. That’s just flat-out incorrect.

I’ve been launching products for over 8 years now. I’ve worked with clients across a huge spectrum of industries and one thing is true about all of the campaigns we’ve run: nothing happened overnight.

Nothing ever happens overnight.

There’s preparation – the strategic decisions, laying technical groundwork, doing your research, and building your offer.

Then there’s the launch – the high-stress moment (which seems to be a make-or-break moment but actually isn’t) where you announce your new “thing” to the world.

Then, finally, there’s the follow-through.

I remember growing up with Little League. My dad was always my coach (sometimes the actual team coach, too, but he always took me to the park to practice on the weekends).

When I was up at bat, he kept telling me to follow through on my swing. He said that if I don’t follow through with the full swing, I’ll start slowing down the bat before it actually makes contact with the ball. The strength of the swing comes with a full commitment.

The same thing applies to business as it does to a baseball bat or a golf club. If you don’t follow through, you lose strength at the very moment you need it most.

What’s the next thing you need to follow through on? What have you worked on lately that you didn’t follow through on that might have worked better if you applied your full commitment?