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Marketers ruin everything

Before I started my business, I bought a copywriting course called Autoresponder Madness from a guy named Andre Chaperon. He is an excellent copywriter – the real deal – and an excellent teacher. I became a big fan of his work, so I followed him online. Some time after I completed his course, I saw a picture of Andre on a marketing website I followed. In the picture, he was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Marketers Ruin Everything.” I thought it was funny. A clever tongue-in-cheek joke about our industry and how marketers are always the opportunists—the ones who can turn the mom-and-pop cupcake shop into a national behemoth devoid of culinary soul (or flavor). So, naturally, I bought one.

It didn’t take me long to realize that statement held more truth than I originally realized.

The truth is that marketers really can ruin everything. My T-shirt was making light of that fact. Marketers hold some of the most powerful positions inside a company. They simultaneously control near-term sales and the company’s long-term reputation. They have a massive influence on the financial trajectory of a company.

I ran a full-service marketing agency for eight years. I built a good reputation through hard work—something any professional can understand. I know the responsibility that rests on the shoulders of marketers, and I worked my ass off to do the right thing with the power our clients handed us. Part of that experience showed me how easily that power can be abused or disrespected. How, behind the mysterious curtain of marketing, when the rubber meets the road, there is no substitute for real expertise. I realized how easy it is for marketers to talk a big game but never have the ability to walk their talk. 

Bad marketers can very easily put a company out of business, especially when that company is small and has limited capital. They can distract you from what’s really important and drive your company off a cliff if they’re not removed. And there are more of them out there than ever. If you’re a business owner or executive, LEARN marketing science. It’s not complicated. Equip yourself with the tools you need to hire the right people.

What steps are you taking to protect your company from bad marketers?