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Flipping it around

There’s a questionable statistic floating around the internet that companies spend an average of ninety-something dollars to get someone to visit their website and an average of one dollar to convert them.

Regardless of the statistic, the fact is that more attention is given to traffic than conversions. You don’t have to look very far to find anecdotal examples.

An obsession with the ad platform instead of the customer journey…

Forgotten and last-minute split tests…

Blaming the customers for not buying, and seeking new ones instead of going deeper and figuring out why they are saying no…

All of these are examples of an avoidance attitude that will bob and weave around hard-hitting questions like:

“Why did our conversion rates drop?”
“How much money did we make compared to last month?”
“What’s our ROAS?”

If you feel a tightness in your stomach when you’re trying to answer these questions, it’s because you’ve spent all of your time and money on getting someone to your website instead of selling them.

Try flipping it around.

Try focusing on the customer journey first.

Try planning your split tests before the very last minute (and follow up on them).

Spend 30 full days dissecting your lead generation and buying experience. Figure out where people are dropping off. Ask “why?” more often. I promise it will be worth it.