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4 Ways To Use Authority Bias In Your Marketing

The Authority Bias has a universal impact on how we make decisions, from what food we eat to what we buy. It’s no surprise, then, that adding elements of authority into your marketing funnel can influence the rate at which people sign up for your offers.

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How Do You Launch a New Product?

The Six Steps of a New Product Launch At Vivid Labs, we have a 6-step process that we go through with all of our clients who come to us seeking to launch a new product. We are going to share

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How Can I Use Psychology to Improve My Marketing?

The power of psychology in marketing is extraordinary. Vivid Labs’ DREAM model is one of the best modern examples of the impressive impact neuromarketing can have on purchasing behavior. Developed according to the Neuromarketing Code of Ethics established by the

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“How Do I Build a GREAT Marketing Team?”

As the only conversion optimization agency that combines the scientific method with cutting-edge brain research, Vivid Labs uses proven strategies to deliver marketing excellence. We look forward to arming you with the tools you need for your company to thrive!

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How to Launch a Membership Site

One of the first steps in creating a successful membership site is figuring out where to begin. You may be asking yourself, “what is the first step into launching a membership site, what should I look for in a hosting

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Context Effect

We anchor familiar places and experiences with the mood we were in during our last encounter with that place or experience

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