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The Soul Of Marketing

At its very center, the act of marketing is innately human. It’s connection—relationships. But it’s easy to lose sight of that in the maelstrom of data and processes and the hunt for profit. Those are necessary elements of marketing, but

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The Importance Of A Good Product

No amount of marketing will fix a bad offer—in fact, it will make it worse for the business. Marketing is an amplifier for what’s already there. It will highlight the strengths AND the weaknesses of the product.

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The Cost Of Marketing Innovation

The education and enforcement of best practices are being outpaced by micro-niches and innovation in the marketing industry, and the speed of innovation is gaining a lead. This lead—the gap between the cutting-edge of marketing and where training and accountability

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Marketers ruin everything

Before I started my business, I bought a copywriting course called Autoresponder Madness from a guy named Andre Chaperon. He is an excellent copywriter – the real deal – and an excellent teacher. I became a big fan of his

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Illusory truth

In 1977, a group of researchers began to run an interesting experiment. They believed that if a false statement was repeated enough times to a person, that person would have an increasing level of trust in the statement and ultimately

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I recently began chatting with friends and colleagues who aren’t in the marketing industry to ask them a simple question: “From your perspective, what’s wrong with marketing?” I got a range of answers, but they all had a similar theme

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