We’re taking our favorite copywriting book, Breakthrough Advertising, and putting it to the test for a year.

We’re learning along the way – and so will you.

January 13, 2020
It begins.

The Beginning

We are off! Today, we begin our journey to testing the strategies inside Breakthrough Advertising. If all goes well, we will have a new set of data backing up some of the most well-known and effective copywriting strategies in the world.

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The Hook & Call
The Hook & Call

The Hook & Call

An innate human trait known as Confirmation Bias causes us to pay closer attention to things we like or agree with. Take the news, for example: conservatives tend to follow one news source while liberals follow an entirely different one. Is the news between these two channels substantially different? No, it isn’t. The difference lies in the way the facts are presented. With every remark, facial gesture, and literary trope, news providers can present the same fact to two people on opposite sides of the political spectrum - and have them both believe the fact proves a point in their favor.