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Make Scientific Marketing The Standard

Less than a third of companies are satisfied with their marketing performance.1

At Vivid Labs, we use the scientific method to find the most effective ways to sell products. We do that by showing you how to quickly and effectively use split tests to improve your marketing performance.

Our training and recruitment programs are all designed to help you install a more scientific culture and skillset into your team. With our library of tactics and skill trainings, you can have a steady stream of fast, cutting-edge, and creative marketing campaigns all backed by research.

Dan Russell

Vivid Labs CEO

Split Testing Is The #1 Method Of Improving Your Sales

Split Tests, also known as A/B Tests, are the most valuable method of improving the performance of a marketing funnel1. Without them, your marketing gains will be short-lived and profitability will be fleeting. Vivid Labs simplifies split testing down to its most basic and powerful elements so you can save time and get on with other projects.

1 Source: Econsultancy


Learn fast & easy marketing science with a hands-on workshop

The Marketing Scientist Workshop is designed to teach you the skills of a Marketing Scientist. You’ll discover simple and effective methods of launching smarter split tests, leveraging neuromarketing, documenting your CRM setup, and more.

Proven Expertise

“I’ve worked with several digital marketing firms before, and can confidently say that Dan/Vivid is the most professional, knowledgeable, and versatile that I’ve encountered by a wide margin. I was impressed how quickly Dan not only pinpointed the challenges I was facing in my business but also grasped a fundamental understanding of my (very unique) industry as a whole.”

John Beauprez – CLC Poker
John Beauprez


Train Marketing Scientists inside your own company

The best marketing happens in-house.

Your team needs to know the fundamentals of marketing science before they can make the most of a sales funnel.

We’ll help you with the training or onboarding of your marketing team to ensure the right skills are in place before P&L is put at risk.


Find and hire skilled Marketing Scientists

Great marketers are hard to find.

Even more to the point, it’s almost impossible to get it right the first time. That’s why we’ve assembled a private recruitment support program.

This 6-month program provides full-service support in the recruitment and training process of a new (or first) member of your marketing team. To ensure the best training experience, we provide this service on 1-to-1 basis only. 

Proven Expertise

“Vivid Labs has been unbelievably helpful! We’ve seen our webinar leads increase ten-fold, received more registrations for our events, and launched more successful campaigns. Our CEO is thrilled with the results. They make my job so much easier and I CANNOT function without them”


Our CEO's blog is the place to stay on top of things

Dan is posting regularly on his personal blog, usually surrounding up-and-coming trends that will eventually land themselves in Vivid Labs training. 

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Before I started my business, I bought a copywriting course called Autoresponder Madness from a guy named Andre