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Building a funnel is stressful enough.
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Join us live to discover creative & cutting-edge ways of improving your funnel’s performance.

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Get easy, powerful split test guides that you can implement in less than 30 minutes.

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Advanced Conversion Optimization Training

Go deeper with exclusive training on marketing ROI tracking, executive reporting, and split testing science.

“Rivals having a CMO on speed-dial”

“Working with Vivid Labs over the past few years has led to several product launches, new brand development, and marketing support that rivals having a dedicated CMO on speed-dial. We’re in our next launch now and are planning for the biggest one yet thanks to the team at Vivid Labs. Their support is top-tier in the industry!”

Dr. Fab Mancini | International Keynote Speaker & Author

Companies Improving Their Marketing Profits With Vivid Labs

Our Success Stories

We’ve helped a wide range of companies achieve record-breaking profit in their marketing funnels, achieving 4-digit ROI and 2 Comma Club awards along the way.

26.4% Increase
In Checkout Rate


998.1% Increase
In Webinar Leads


6,797% Increase
In Webinar Sales


31.25% Increase
In Lead Flow


1,299% ROI
Virtual Summit


814.54% Growth
In Facebook Sales



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Split Squad is a free community for marketers, entrepreneurs, and executives who are focused on using the science of split testing to their company’s advantage.

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30 Days Of Simple & Powerful Split Tests For Your Sales Funnel

Get daily guidance from Team Vivid as we send you our signature Split Test Sprints to show you exactly how to launch easy, powerful A/B tests inside your sales funnel. Includes bonus ClickFunnels templates and access to the Split Squad community.

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Plan, Launch, and Automate A Live Challenge

Get the exact steps to build and scale a live challenge to over $100,000 per month in sales. Follow the systems that Vivid Labs has already built so you can skip in the learning curve in launching one of the most popular new forms of online learning.

$200 3-Part Training | 12 Months Of Access

What We Do

In a nutshell, we help you launch and manage the profit of your sales funnels.

Each of our training programs is designed to help you use analytics, split testing, and other modern marketing strategies to your advantage.

We believe that science has taken a back seat in marketing discussions for way too long. Our trainings are designed to fix that with simple, straightforward, and proven marketing strategies all based on data.

Did we mention “proven?”

Our team has over 6 years of experience building highly-advanced marketing funnels for our clients. We’ve unlocked over $15 million in untapped revenue for our clients. That’s money that was being left on the table before we got involved.

So, yes, what we have to tell you is important. And it works. There are a lot of questions we can answer, and our answers are all based on experience. But there’s one question only you can answer, which is: will you listen to us?

It could be argued that everything we publish is optional. Are you required to run split tests on your landing pages? Of course not. Are you required to have backup tracking platforms on all of your web pages? Nope.

But, then again, you didn’t have to get into marketing in the first place.

Our trainings are designed for marketers who give a damn. Our Small Batch Sessions, for example, are designed as limited-release campaign blueprints. For the marketers who sign up for one, there is a lot of technical work involved. But at the end of the day, you’ll be only one of a small handful of companies in the world using that campaign strategy (and likely the only one in your industry).

Split Squad is the Vivid Labs free community. That’s where we release trainings first, and it’s also where you can get in direct contact with Team Vivid, including our founder, Dan Russell. If you are a marketer looking to improve your optimization skills, Split Squad is the place to be.

So that’s us. That’s Vivid Labs. If you’re looking for marketing training that will keep you on the absolute cutting edge, you’ve arrived on the right website. Join Split Squad and get your free Starter Pack on this page to get started.


Looking for a free option to get funnel performance training?

"Leads increased ten-fold.

Our CEO is thrilled..."

Vivid Labs has been unbelievably helpful! We've seen our webinar leads increase ten-fold, received more registrations for our events, and launched more successful campaigns. Our CEO is thrilled with the results. They make my job so much easier and I CANNOT function without them.

Kelly Dahmer | NextLevel Practice Director of Marketing

Certified To The Highest Standards

Team Vivid is certified through Hubspot and Infusionsoft, all four of MECLABS Research Institute’s training programs, and Digital Marketer’s Customer Acquisition and Customer Value Optimization certifications.

Certification under these programs means that our team knows how to plan, launch, and manage marketing campaigns with a proper balance between creativity and statistical proficiency. In short, we stay up to date on the latest and greatest tools so we can bring you the most cutting-edge training and support possible.

"Working with Vivid Labs over the past few years has led to several product launches, new brand development, and marketing support that rivals having a dedicated CMO on speed-dial."

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Speaker & Best-Selling Author

"Vivid Labs has always provided high-quality and professional marketing support for our websites, brands, and ongoing promotions."

Rory Callaghan

Founder, FillYourCup & BfreeBwell

"From advice to execution to truly understanding internet marketing, Vivid Labs really knows what they are doing. I have worked with some of the best and they truly soar above the rest. You won't be disappointed."

Jamin Van Dillen

Founder, Audio Alchemy Keys

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