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Vivid Labs has unlocked over $50,000,000 in recurring annual income for our clients over the last nine years. We can teach you how to achieve the same results for yourself.


Our Programs & Events

Checkout Page Upgrade

E-commerce Businesses Only

Need a boost to your checkout page conversions? This 60-day program brings your checkout page up to speed—not only with best practices, but also cutting-edge NeuroTactics designed by Team Vivid over the past decade.

  • Get fast and permanent improvements to your checkout page
  • We use the latest NeuroTactics to create unique combinations of improvements based on proven, research-backed behavioral science principles
  • We track your progress and provide statistically-verified results after 30 days
  • You walk away with a fully-integrated Visual Website Optimizer account

Marketing Scientist Workshop

The Marketing Scientist Workshop is designed to teach you how to build a more resilient and data-driven marketing operation with Vivid Operating System. You’ll  discover simple methods of launching smarter split tests, leveraging neuromarketing, documenting your CRM setup, and more:

  • Learn how to quickly analyze & diagnose bottlenecks in your funnel with the Funnel Grid
  • Use the NeuroTactic Library to find creative, research-backed split testing strategies
  • Build a Marketing Asset Database to keep your logos, links, pages, and campaigns all organized

Marketing Scientist Direct Advisor

The best marketing happens in-house.

The Direct Advisor Program is designed for businesses in need of more hands-on support. It involves 1-on-1 contact with a dedicated advisor from Team Vivid. They will assemble a custom strategy and training calendar suited to your needs—and then join you every step of the way as it’s implemented.

To learn more about the Direct Advisor Program, click the Learn More button and request more information.


Our Mission Is To Increase The Transparency And Ease Of Marketing

According to Econsultancy, less than a third of companies are satisfied with their marketing performance.

I think that number is too high. Entrepreneurs and professional marketers alike are overwhelmed by marketing solutions and underwhelmed by results—across the board. 

I promise you: there is a better way.

Dan Russell

Founder & Chief Strategist

John Beauprez

Proven Expertise

“I’ve worked with several digital marketing firms before, and can confidently say that Dan/Vivid is the most professional, knowledgeable, and versatile that I’ve encountered by a wide margin. I was impressed how quickly Dan not only pinpointed the challenges I was facing in my business but also grasped a fundamental understanding of my (very unique) industry as a whole.”

John Beauprez – CLC Poker


“Vivid Labs has been unbelievably helpful! We’ve seen our webinar leads increase ten-fold, received more registrations for our events, and launched more successful campaigns. Our CEO is thrilled with the results. They make my job so much easier and I CANNOT function without them”


Our founder's blog is the place to stay on top of things

Dan is posting regularly on his personal blog, usually surrounding up-and-coming trends that will eventually land themselves in Vivid Labs training. 

The Soul Of Marketing

At its very center, the act of marketing is innately human. It’s connection—relationships. But it’s easy to lose

The Importance Of A Good Product

No amount of marketing will fix a bad offer—in fact, it will make it worse for the business. Marketing is an amplifier for what’s already there. It will highlight the strengths AND the weaknesses of the product.

The Cost Of Marketing Innovation

The education and enforcement of best practices are being outpaced by micro-niches and innovation in the marketing industry,

Marketers ruin everything

Before I started my business, I bought a copywriting course called Autoresponder Madness from a guy named Andre